Horse Boarding Stable in Hosszúréti Lovas Major

Hosszúréti Lovas Major is being built, but the facilities for horse boarding are ready. Located in the southwestern part of pest county, the distance from Budapest is only 15 km. We kept the almost 200 years old buildings and have attempted to restore them. Our vision is to provide the best service for the kept horses with little to no compromise. The number of boarded horses are limited to be able to provide the best conditions for them. We only provide full care boarding (stall, private pasture). Limited spots available (10)!

Read about the construction work here.

This article is continuously updated!

Reserve your spot

We have opened the application for the stalls in our stable. In regards to reservation please contact us. We also provide a short tour in the equine facility for those who are interested in our horse boarding service.
Limited free spots available in our stable Figure: free and occupied stalls in our stable


  • 15 minutes from Budapest, in Törökbálint
  • easy access via motorways (M1, M7 and M0)
  • asphalt road all along


  • ~7 km2 forest for horse riding
  • little to no car traffic and scenic landscape surrounds the horse riding stable
  • easy access to Biatorbágy, Érd and Sóskút via the forest
  • the trails for trail riding start immediately from the riding stable
  • for our trail riding map click here


  • 20 x 40 indoor riding arena
  • ~ 10 hectares pasture
  • 20 x 40 outdoor riding arena, horse jumping obstacles
  • completely renewed stable
  • brand new horse stalls (identical to the ones in the Hungarian National Hall - Tattersall),
  • horse stalls equipped with custom produced hay net, leveled asphalt ground, tilt window with multi layered security glass, floor sinker and lighting.
  • private pasture for each boarded horse
  • fully equipped dressing room with locker
  • parking place for cars, trucks and horse trailers
  • lungeing hall (planned)
  • horse solarium (planned)
  • horse walker (planned)
  • covered horse hoof / horse cleaning facility
  • horse obstacle courses on our 8 hectares field in proximity to the horse riding stable (planned)
  • mud free area - professional drainage management


  • own produced high quality forage and grain (oat)
  • food supplements
  • meeting the special feeding requirements by client
  • salt licks for horses
  • skilled staff
  • fruit (autumn - spring) from our apple orchard for the horses
  • each boarded horse is provided an enormous private pasture (13 x 36m = 468m2) equipped with automatic horse drinkers. Same sized replacement pasture is also provided to make deworming and grass recovery more efficient.


  • monthly veterinary check on the boarded horses
  • veterinary colleage in the leadership
  • our horses are EVH-1,4 free that is highly important for mares and competitors
  • our horses are vaccinated against west-nile fever
  • biosecurity and quarantine plan
  • CCTV, camera in each stall so you can see your horses remotely (extra fee)
  • card based enter to the stable, saddle storage and indoor riding hall
  • mandatory annual (tetanus and equine influenza) and optional (west-nile fever, EVH-1, EVH-4) vaccines along with deworming is included in the price (optional*)
  • mandatory annual blood sampling for trypanosomatosis, burkholderia mallei and equine infectious an(a)emia is included in the price (optional*)
  • limited number of boarded horse (10)
  • well detailed horse boarding contract, that protects the client and the provider as well.
  • horses of the riding school are kept on another pasture and do not contact with boarded horses (except during trail or group ridings).

*clients can decide to vaccinate their horses by themselves but the monthly fee of the horse boarding does not change

Extra services

  • our horse boarders are free to join our trail ridings at no extra cost. We do not charge them if they attend with their own horses.

Pricing and invoicing

Our daily horse boarding fee per horse is 6 000 forint (4 720 Ft + 27% VAT). We are able to issue Hungarian or European invoice as well.

Horse boarding contract

  1. Sample contract
  2. Equine facility rules

Launch of horse boarding

Official start is August 2019


We share out videos on YouTube. Click on the thumbnails below to watch them. Introduction of the Hosszúréti Lovas Major Hosszúréti Lovas Major - 2019.05.11.

Introduction of the Hosszúréti Lovas Major Hosszúréti Lovas Major - 2018.12.14.


June 2019, photo of the Hosszúréti Lovas Major View to Hosszúréti Lovas Majorságra

June 2019, photo of the brand new stalls in our stable Lovasboxok az istállóban

More than 7 square kilometres forest and multiple paths for longer horse trips Belovagolható erdő a Hosszúréti Lovas Major közelében

I. class hay produced by us right in the neighbourhood of the riding stable I. class hay produced by us I. class hay produced by us